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Our fabricated/architectural letters are all produced according to the rules of the art: the edges and the faces are cut then welded manually, with tin.


This very old technique, requiring a lot of manpower and know-how, allows perfect results to be obtained.

Once the edges are polished, the block impression is real, whatever the material used:

- Stainless steel - polished or satin

- Titanium stainless steel (gold, copper, bronze, blue, black ...) - polished or satin

- Brass - polished or satin

- Copper - polished or satin

- Painted s/steel, aluminum, acrylic ...

Minimal depth is 5mm - no maximum ...

Without or with LED lighting (5 year warranty) + Mean Well driver.

Mounting systems:

Available materials (excluding paint):

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Our Akryleds blocleds are produced from diffusing PMMA, specific LEDs and resin.


Their alliance brings a particularly sought-after finesse and elegance.


Each led is installed manually then soldered with tin. The particular attention paid to this implantation allows to obtain a perfect result and a 100% homogeneous light, everywhere in the letter.

All combinations are allowed ...

Thus the faces and edges can diffuse or be painted in RAL or Pantone, depending on the desired rendering.

The leds used emitting a very high light intensity, it is strongly recommended to couple the Akryleds to a dimmer which allows:

- to adjust the power according to the place or time of day

- extend the life of the product by lowering the temperature

LED color available: warm white 3200K - white 6500K - red


Thickness: 30mm or 40mm

Voltage: 12V

2 years warranty




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The principle of Akryneons is to take the shape of vintage neon lights, while preserving the qualities of power and solidity of Akryleds blocleds.


These Akryneons are therefore made up of 2 layers of 15mm PMMA/acrylic, for a total thickness of 30mm:

- 15mm thick base is painted and contains the LEDs. The paint prevents the impact of the LEDs in this part of the side. It is equipped with inserts for fixing/mounting by threaded rods.

This base is painted in RAL or Pantone of your choice.

- 15mm thick face. This is CNC routed to give it a rounded shape. The light diffuses completely in this part.

This diffusing face can be made of white, red, yellow, green, blue or pink PMMA/acrylic.

LED color available: warm white 3200K - white 6500K - red


Voltage: 12V

IP68 - 100% waterproof

2 years warranty

AMANDOLI copy.gif


chemical etching

+ braille

Our plaques are made from the following materials:

- stainless steel - mirror polished or brushed

- brass - mirror polished or brushed - with or without clear coating

- carbon steel - with or without clear coating

Thickness 1mm / 1.5mm / 2mm / 3mm or depth of your choice.

Minimal depth 5mm - no maximum.


The engraving is carried out using chemical compounds allowing a deep and extremely precise engraving.


The engraved graphics can then be painted in the RAL or Pantone of your choice.


Plaques with the addition of a text in Braille are produced manually. Indeed, braille

consists of stainless steel micro-balls.


Flag signs

drapeau zili copy.gif

Our flag signs are produced from different materials:

Stainless steel - titanium stainless steel (gold ...)



Aluminum painted in RAL or Pantone color

Galvanized ssteel painted according to RAL or Pantone color



Depending on the dimensions and design, we can create a welded tubular structure in order to reinforce the rigidity.


With or without led lighting ...