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Our company, created in 2006, was initially called E-INOX.

Specialized in the production and distribution of high-end metal box letters (stainless steel, brass, copper ...), our customers were mainly based in France.

The production of these box letters has always been carried out in Thailand.

On the one hand for a question of cost, but also and above all because of a real technical know-how in this type of product.

After participating in various exhibitions abroad, our customers have become more international, with a strong European representation.

Following the arrival of blocleds on the market, we created the AKRYLED range.

This high-performance product provides optimum quality lighting coupled with reduced thickness.

The production of these Akryleds is carried out in China, in order to be as close as possible to the sources of material supply (acrylic, LEDs, ...) and to be able to offer a competitive price.


These changes in the scope of our markets and our products have led us to take the name ALLSIGNS since 2015.

Our team in charge of your projects is now 10 people strong, speaking French, English, Spanish, Thai and Chinese.

The production teams are 80 people in Thailand and 60 people in China.

These different teams allow us to ensure the best service and the greatest reactivity whatever the volume of your orders ...

In terms of transport, we work with DHL for the majority of shipments.

Delivery within 72 hours max.

However, for large volume orders, we can deliver to you by air "classic" (delivery within 10 days) or sea (delivery within 6 weeks).


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